Welcome To The Diamond Mine.

"If you don't know jewelry, know your jeweler."


Our Roots

We share a love for designing innovative pieces that merge contemporary style with classic elegance. Having four daughters, we continually discover that life is full of precious moments that are worth treasuring...


Our Jewels

Hip meets the square. Literally a DIAMOND in the rough. We are a family owned jewelry store full of unique one of a kind pieces. Concentrating on creating an experience, from the minute you walk in, to the custom wrapped treasure you waltz out with...



Our mission is to play a small part in the incredible moments that you'll remember forever, by providing a unique and unforgettable jewelry buying experience. 


Your Words


"I brought a family heirloom diamond to Jamies The Diamond Mine with a custom ring design in mind. Cliff was VERY accommodating to consult with me over the phone as I live in Florida. Not only did he like the idea, he escalated it and gave me great advice. Now I have a one of a kind engagement ring. I couldn't be happier with service and quality! Thanks again everyone at Jamies TDM!"

"I worked with Kelly to design an eternity ring that incorporated the birthstones of my two children. Kelly was very thoughtful throughout the whole process - bringing up things I would not have thought to think about or ask, to ensure I would be happy with my ring. Not to mention, she worked with me entirely via phone/text message (I live in Chicago, several hours from their store), and sent me pictures & ideas along the way. I got my ring today and LOVE it! It's exactly what I had envisioned! I would recommend Jamies TDM to anyone, even if you're not in the area!"

"I’ve known Cip Hughes and his family most of my life, so when I decided to ask my girlfriend to marry me I didn’t consider anyone but Jamies The Diamond Mine. Despite my already high opinion of Cip and Kelly, they exceeded all expectations. I didn't understand everything that went into making an engagement ring and the time needed to put the whole project together. I even planned the proposal trip before reaching out to Cip. He grinned as he said, “Three weeks would be pushing it but we'll do everything possible to make it happen.” Nicole absolutely loves the ring. In her words, “Its everything I’ve ever dreamed of,” and she's looking forward to meeting Cip and Kelly to thank them in person! I can’t thank you guys enough!"